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Peter Friedman of LiveWorld

A rare interview with Peter Friedman founder and chairman of "LiveWorld" a Social Media Content company that takes care of Fortune 500 organizations. Whether you have heard of Peter Friedman or not what you should know is he was a big mover and shaker at Apple Inc, before going out on his own. Peter explains why the new up and coming Super Stars will not work for company's that don't have an effective social media technology. Peter also shares why social media is changing the face and style of Leadership and how business are now inseperable because we can no longer market "at" our customers… he also shares what unique and powerful about the Live World Culture when it comes to keeping Top Talent! Great interview from Jeffrey Hayzlett's C-Suite 2014 Networking Event! Packed with insights, tips and clear direction. www.LiveWorld.com Peter Friedman on Twitter: @peterfriedman

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