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Reciprocity For Leadership and Loyalty Podcast #221

Do you break the Law of Reciprocity? Do you 'give' expecting to 'get'? Are your intentions in line with the recipient? Do you know what the gift will mean to the receiver? Many times people don't. Listen as Dov Baron shares how to build loyalty, not break it down. “Looking through the bookstore shelves and listening to all of the business gurus out there, we read and hear about a lot of trends in leadership. The only problem is that true leadership doesn’t follow trends. True leadership is grounded in authenticity, which is at the core of Dov Baron’s Full Monty Leadership. Whatever your business,I strongly recommend that you take full advantage of the real world wisdom in Full Monty Leadership.“ Joe Calloway – author – Becoming A Category of One - See more at: http://fmloyalty.com/

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