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Changing Workforce Leadership and Loyalty Podcast #222

The average worker stays 4.4 years. Millennials expect to stay 1.4 years. You have to train people and if the cost of training is about 1.6 years worth of salary of the employee. So a huge challenge exists in today's work place. There will always be a need for training. But if you are training the third employee for that job in 3 years, it's hard to justify. Yet with every new employee starts off slowly. Their productivity increases with experience. This all gets magnified with C Suite executives as the costs rise dramatically. Millennials leave their company when they don't see opportunities for growth. When it comes to Authentic Leadership, Are We Fooling Ourselves? Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last five or so years, you know that being an authentic leader is no longer a preference, it’s a requirement! However, if you and I were to do a walk around survey and ask people, (Leaders) if they are authentic, what do you think they would say? You guessed it; they would likely say “of course!” (and probably look at us like we were idiots for even asking) So, just stop for a minute and ask yourself, what you think/believe being authentic means. Visit www.fmloyalty.com for our free report to keep your top talent.

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