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Steve Sims, CEO The BlueFish on Dov Baron's Leadership & Loyalty Podcast

Steve Sims, is the CEO of BlueFish the worlds #1 concierge company. When I asked Steve what he does his answer sums up the Steve's Sims style: "I get shit done" He is in many ways an accidental success. Born in London to a working class family he had no idea what a concierge was, and it certainly was not a planned career. However, aside from providing the world's wealthiest individuals with exactly what they want (you'll be shocked!) he has gone on to speak (twice) at one of the world most prestigious platform. Aside from the tons of good laughs in this interview, Steve delivers the most powerful and practical nugget that everyone of us needs. He walks us through exactly how to approach the most powerful and wealthy people on the planet... as an equal. And he should know...he does it every day! Listen, share, follow and leave your feedback and review on iTunes Find out more about Steve Sims and his company at: http://thebluefish.com More on his outstanding charity auction: http://www.bluecause.com/ Twitter: @UglySims

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