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Kevin Craine CEO Craine Media & Host of Everyday MBA Podcast

My guest on this episode of Dov Baron's Leadership & Loyalty Tips for Executives is Kevin Craine. Kevin is the CEO Craine Media & Host of Everyday MBA Podcast and C-Suites Bizcast. Kevin worked in the corporate world for many years and after 15 years of climbing the corporate ladder he was unceremoniously cut on Christmas eve. Forced to reconsider his career path, Kevin has gone on to interview many of the worlds thought leaders and in this show we take a look at the common threads that run through the thinking and leadership styles of those at the top of their game. Kevin shares with us why so many businesses struggle to stand out. He asks you to get clear about articulating: What you do, Why is it Important, and Why should other people care. and Take some time to listen this...As always there a ton of gems. Connect with Kevin Craine here: http://Everyday-MBA.com http://CraineGroup.com

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