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Steven Kotler: Flow Genome Project, Co-Author of Abundance and Bold

On of my favourite interviews of all time! On this episode Authentic Leadership Expert Dov Baron Interviews Steven Kotler of the Flow Genome Project. Steven is a NYT multi-bestselling author and co-author of books like Abundance and Bold which he co-wrote with Peter Diamandis. However, he has written many other outstanding books of his own including his latest: Tomorrowland. Let me ask you: Have you ever found yourself in that state where time disappears? Where ideas and breakthroughs seem to just pour into your mind? This is what Steven Kotler calls a flow state, and for most of us it seems to be something very illusive. However, on this episode Steven and I dig deep into this fascinating subject and Steve will walk you through what has to happen for you and I (anyone) to be in a "flow state." Like I said: Phenomenal show! Well worth your time and make sure it's "me time" because you will not want to miss a single minute of this one! More about Steven Kotler: http://StevenKotler.com http://FlowGenomeProject.com More about Dov Baron: http://FullMontyLeadership.com http://FiercelyLoyalBook.com

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