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Dr Bob Rausch on Dov Baron's #Leadership and Loyalty Podcast

Dr. Bob Rausch is founder and president of Energy Driven Leader Inc. He has combines his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology with 30 years of experience working internationally with Corporate Executives and Entrepreneurs Dr. Bob’s purpose is to assist leaders in not only discovering their potential but also to maximize their energy. He’s a Certified Executive Coach, and among other things a Founding Partner with the John Maxwell Coaching, Training, and Speaker Program. Dr. Bob Rausch has authored four books and numerous articles on leadership. He was twice nominated Author of the Year in Georgia. Some of his clients include: U.S. Steel, PGA Tours, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals and the Universities of Toronto and York. On the show we discuss *Why is it that for so many leaders nothing is ever enough! * What is The Insatiable Male (leader)? * What are the characteristics of an insatiable male? *Wa ask, can the characteristics be positive as well as negative? *How do you help an insatiable male correct his behaviors? To find out more about Dr. Bob Rausch go Here: http://energydrivenleader.com

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