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Recognition and the Chief Relationship Officer - Podcast 270

Making sense of people is a huge challenge for managers. Dov talks about the importance of recognition, and how the nuances of giving recognition can impact their motivation - good or bad - after the acceptance. What people do is what people do. All the parts of your organization works with all other parts of your organization. We have to pay attention to relationships in your organization. One day I was chatting with one of the CEO’s that I mentoring. She is an esteemed leader in her industry, a person so many look up to, and for that reason what she said next might surprise you… “As a leader I have always believed that it is not only important, it’s vital to recognize both privately and publicly the people around me for who they are and for their achievements” I could hear in her vocal inflection that there was more. There was a softening in her voice as she continued; “What’s interesting, is that the higher a person climbs, the more people seem to think that those notes, and supportive words of acknowledgement don’t matter.” Read more at: http://fullmontyleadership.com/leadership/top-100-great-leadership-speaker/

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