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Dr. Jeff Overall - Rhiannon Rosalind: Capitalist Buddha

Dr. Jeff Overall - Rhiannon Rosalind: Conscious EconomicsHow Entrepreneurs Can Save The World: Dr. Jeff Overall - Rhiannon Rosalind.........Our guests on this episode areRhiannon Rosalind & Dr. Jeffrey Overall - They are the joint Founders of The Global Institute for Conscious Economics.Their resumes are very impressive Rhiannon Rosalind is the President, CEO, and Owner of The Economic Club of Canada.She has hosted countless thought leaders and change makers at The Economic Club of Canada through the years including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Former First Lady Michelle Obama, human rights advocate Amal Clooney and most recently Barack Obama.Dr Jeffrey Overall joined the Faculty of Business and Information Technology atOntario Tech University in 2018. Prior to that he held professorship positions in the Entrepreneurship and Strategy departments at Nipissing University, Ryerson University, and Leibniz Universität Hannover. He also taught at the St. Petersburg Polytechinical University in Russia and the University of Bradford School of Management in Britain.Jeffrey co-founded two non-profit organizations that provide impoverished children in rural Nepal with educational subsidies and has 8 years of management experience within an international B2B context.Together they are the Authors of Capitalist Buddha : Waking Up to Conscious Economics.More: Instagram: @dr.jeffreyoverall & @rhiannonrosalind Twitter: @rhirosalind..........Today more than ever it is time to upgrade your leadership! Find out how you can hire Dov Baron "The Dragonist" as a speaker or strategist for yourself or your organization:DovBaron.comBecauseUnified meaning is the one single monolithic difference between mediocrity and greatness for all individuals and companies!