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Dope Black Dads Podcast

Meet Community Chanagemakers Sayce and Khalia

Season 2, Ep. 15

This week we talk all things community building. We’re joined by two amazing change-makers in their own right - the founder of Mentivity and board member of London policing, Sayce Holmes-Lewis as well as the founder of a platform called Jammi that helps black owned businesses, Khalia Ismain. We dive into our come-up stories and who the people were that saw and rooted for our success in our communities. We also touch on the pitfalls of doing the work in our communities and the toll it takes on us.

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    In this special episode we talk to fathers David Gyasi and Nii Odarte Evans about the various stages of fatherhood - from the moment they found out to their experiences today. Join the conversation and tell us what you think. 
  • 20. I Want My Real Daddy To Walk Me Down Aisle

    Welcome to this week's episode of Dear Dope Black Dads! In this engaging discussion, Marvyn and Romantha delve into thought-provoking topics circulating on social media. From the impact of childhood trauma on adult experiences of PTSD to the profound experience of loneliness, no stone is left unturned.Have you ever found yourself reliving moments from your upbringing as an adult? Join us as we explore the complexities of this phenomenon and its implications on mental health.Loneliness, a universal human emotion, is also discussed as the reasons why sharing vulnerable moments online may not always lead to immediate empathy. Discover our personal strategies for coping with loneliness and share yours in the comments below. In a saddening case, we tackle the story of a stepfather who feels sidelined by his stepdaughter, who prioritised her biological father at her wedding. The ethical dilemmas and emotional intricacies of family dynamics unfold as we invite you to weigh in on what you would do in such a situation.
  • London Has a Measles Problem!

    Discover the pressing issue affecting 1 in 4 children: the alarming lack of measles protection. In this important discussion with experts shedding light on London's measles crisis, especially within the Black community. We ask the experts some vital questions to guide you in making informed choices for your family's health. Join the conversation and empower yourself with knowledge to safeguard your loved ones. Don't miss out on essential insights – like, subscribe, and stay tuned for more valuable content!
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    Tune in to this insightful podcast segment where we delve into the challenges of self-confidence post-mental health setbacks, affecting relationships profoundly. Our discussion explores vital themes surrounding men's health, beauty, fitness, and self-care routines, shedding light on societal acceptance and prioritisation of men's well-being. Join us for an engaging conversation as we navigate through these important topics and strive for a more inclusive and supportive community. Don't miss out - like, subscribe, and join the conversation for more impactful discussions like this one!
  • 18. Unpacking the Influencer Industry w. Charlotte Stavrou

    Welcome to our YouTube channel! This week, we're thrilled to have influencer marketing expert Charlotte Stavrou and the self-proclaimed "OG Influencer," Franklin Boateng, join us for an insightful discussion. In Part I, we explore the essence of influencer culture and discuss the future trajectory of the industry. Stay tuned for Part II and Part III, where we address dilemmas from our community. Don't miss out on valuable insights – hit the like button and subscribe for more engaging content like this! #InfluencerCulture #ExpertInsights #PodcastDiscussion
  • Let's Talk Therapy with the NHS | Dope Black Dads podcast

    Join Dope Black Dads as we delve into the topic of mental health in the Black community, and unpack NHS Talking Therapies , and the treatments available, with therapist Sharon Black. If you are struggling with feelings of depression, or anxiety such as excessive worry, panic attacks, social anxiety, post-traumatic stress, or obsessions and compulsions, you should reach out to NHS Talking Therapies on They are FREE, effective, and confidential treatments delivered by trained clinicians online, on the phone or in person. You can simply refer yourself at or ask your GP for a referral.
  • 17. For Black Boys with Ryan Calais Cameron

    Join us on this week's episode of the Dear Dope Black Dads podcast as we dive into thought-provoking discussions with acclaimed playwright Ryan Calais Cameron. We explore the powerful themes of his renowned theatre play, "For Black Boys Who Consider Suicide When The Hue Gets Too Heavy," currently captivating audiences at the Garrick Theatre in London's West End until 1 June 2024. In this insightful conversation, we delve into the complexities of male emotions and the challenges men face in expressing them. Our special guest, Franklin Boateng, candidly shares his personal journey, revealing why he has struggled to verbalise his feelings, particularly the phrase "I love you," and how fatherhood has transformed his perspective.Tune in as we unpack these topics and more, offering valuable insights into the human experience. Don't miss out—hit play now and join our growing community of listeners. And if you enjoy the content, remember to like, subscribe, and stay connected for future episodes!
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    This week we dissect different videos that have caught our attention on the internet, with special guest Kimberly Fagbenle. These include the intriguing saga of TeesaReesa and her gripping 50-part series on her rollercoaster marriage. With the entire internet clamoring for a Netflix special on her life, we unravel the highs and lows of TeesaReesa's journey, offering insightful commentary along the way.But that's not all – we delve into the concept of marriage as well as the process of divorce offering unique perspectives and thought-provoking insights into the complexities of modern relationships. Whether you're a TikTok enthusiast or simply intrigued by the dynamics of love, this episode promises to be both entertaining and insightful.Tune in now for an engaging exploration of viral trends and heartfelt stories, only on the Dope Black Dads podcast. Don't forget to like, share, and subscribe for more insightful content!