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  • 3.28.19 Don't Sleep On It

    We’re discussing Stacey Abrams signaling she's not interested in being Joe Biden's running mate, Vice President Mike Pence’s plans to land Americans on the moon, and we’re breaking down how much hidden sugar you’re actually drinking.  
  • 3.27.19 Don't Sleep On It

    We’re discussing the Trump Administration wanting judges to throw out the Affordable Care Act entirely, the space suit issue that canceled NASA’s all-female spacewalk, and one simple trick that could be the key to reducing stress.
  • 3.26.19 Don't Sleep On It

    We’re discussing a flashback to Attorney General William Barr's memo on obstruction, Uber and Lyft drivers going on strike, and why using a credit card is safer than swiping your debit.
  • 3.25.19 Don't Sleep On It

    We’re talking about how the government shutdown is still affecting U.S. military services, United Airlines breaking gender boundaries, potential hope for a dwindling mountain lion population, and of course, everything you should be watching this week.
  • 3.22.19 Don't Sleep On It

    We’re discussing President Donald Trump’s acting Defense Secretary facing an ethics investigation, a huge milestone for President Jimmy Carter, and how CBD might be affecting your medication.
  • 3.21.19 Don't Sleep On It

    We’re discussing a top Dem ripping the White House for "stonewalling" Congressional probes, a new study exposing the racial bias in police traffic stops and searches, and the insidious ways your office design is making you less productive.