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LIVE: Chesapeake Climate Action Network and Lafayette Wright

Season 3, Ep. 8

Do Good: This show benefited Chesapeake Climate Action Network

Their mission in brief: The Chesapeake Climate Action Network (CCAN) is the first grassroots, nonprofit organization dedicated exclusively to fighting global warming in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. There mission is to build a diverse movement powerful enough to put our region on the path to climate stability, while using our proximity to the nation’s capital to inspire action in neighboring states, regions nationwide, and countries around the world.

Featured initiatives:

  • Maryland - passed a 50% by 2030 renewable energy standard with a pathway to 100% by 2040 this past April (Clean Energy Jobs Act). They are continuing the fight to make clean energy accessible to everyone, and organizing to stop all new fossil fuel infrastructure in the state (particularly fracked-gas pipelines). We are also beginning to focus on reducing emissions from the transportation sector.
  • Virginia - They are working to get VA on a pathway to 100% renewable energy, while focusing on job creation and holding polluting utilities responsible for their role in climate change.
  • DC - DC is awesome and passed one of the strongest pieces of climate legislation last December (Clean Energy DC Omnibus Act of 2018) you can see implementation of it already with the expansion of solar.

Feel Good: We chatted it up in a dark cellar with the esteemed Lafayette Wright

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LIVE: Sparc with Dana Fleitman & special guest, Franqi French!

After a brief hiatus, we are BACK bb!This is a throw back episode from January 2020 and it is live! This episode accompanies our off-stage doozie with Dana Fleitman from Sparc. We dove into the nitty gritty onStalking Awareness Month 2020!And although that month is over, stalkers still live on and we need to learn how to identify traits of stalking so we spread awareness and advocate on behalf of victims. SPARC is a project of AEquitas and is funded by the Office of Violence Against Women. The views in this podcast are those of the interviewee.This episode also features the one and only FRANQI FRENCH and she speaks to her own experience with stalking and how she overcame the experience to become the bad ass woman she is today! This was one of her last shows in DC before heading over to the West Coast baby where she is making all her new fans laugh! Franqi is a winner of the 16th Annual StandUp NBC competition! Booyakasha! Sad thing to note, my beautiful poem about stalking was cut off. I have posted it below for your enjoyment. Instagram:dogoodfeelgoodshowtwitter:@dogoodshowgmail:dogoodfeelgoodshow@gmail.comShout-out to our real life sponsor:Sage and Sunshine Designs. Don't forget to use promo code:dogoodfor 15% off your first purchase and NOT free-shipping!DoGoodFeelGood is aGrassroots Comedy DCpodcastLittle loo hooSat on her chairScouring instagramWith such delicate careShe could not tap hardShe could not tap twiceShe could not like a photoThat she thought was nice“Am I a stalker,Because I watch him all day?”Silly little loo hooWhat a funny thing to say!This is not stalking,Your ex dont know you are there.You’re not dressed up like Mrs. DoubtireBraiding his hairYou’re simply waiting for updatesAnd watching his lifeFantasizing about whenYou will be his wife.We once called this stalkingBut now we know bestWe can watch our crushesInstagram, snapchat - the restAs long as they dont knowThey can’t be afraidTime to get thatFree data upgrade.. So you can watch them moreWe are no longer creepy!If he had only knew..Here we are some moreNot-stalking things you can do:You can watch their stories,from fake accounts tooYou can get your friends toSend them pictures of youYou can find a girl in his postThen go to her facebookYou can spend a few hours thereJust a little quick lookYou can then find her exFrom 98 - yesteryear,They went hunting togetherOnce they shot a deerBut this isn’t stalkingThis causes no fear.So go on your way nowLook at all the folksLook at the pagesof those telling the jokes [what’s your handle? To the comics]As long as they don’t knowAnd they don’t feel creeped outPeer on, my sweet friendsThis is what social media is all about [close book]