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  • 81. Heart/Vascular: Keeping Your Heart Happy with Dr. Stephen Wasemiller

    This episode welcomes Dr. Stephen Wasemiller, a non-invasive cardiologist at Monument Health's Heart and Vascular Institute, who specializes in guiding individuals toward optimal cardiovascular health.Worried about keeping your heart happy? Whether you're aiming for prevention or actively managing a condition, this episode is packed with practical advice. Dr. Wasemiller will debunk common myths, unveil surprising truths about heart health, and answer your burning questions:What are the key lifestyle changes that make the biggest impact?Can diet and exercise truly prevent heart disease?How can you manage stress for a healthier heart?What are the latest advancements in non-invasive cardiology?When should you consider getting a heart screening?Get ready to empower yourself with the knowledge to keep your heart beating strong.

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  • 80. Heart/Vascular: The Heartbeat of Discovery with Dr. Bhaskar Purushottam and Roger Deraad, CNP

    Ever wondered how the latest advancements in heart and vascular care reach your community? Join us for a conversation with Dr. Bhaskar Purushottam and CNP Roger DeRaad, two leading figures at Monument Health's renowned Heart & Vascular Institute in Rapid City, South Dakota.In this special podcast episode, we delve into the exciting world of clinical research, unraveling its profound impact on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Dr. Purushottam and CNP DeRaad will share their unique perspectives on:Monument Health's commitment to clinical research: Discover how this institution stays at the forefront of innovation, actively participating in groundbreaking trials and studies.The crucial role of clinical research in advancing cardiovascular care: Learn how research findings translate into tangible benefits for patients, leading to more effective treatments, improved outcomes, and ultimately, healthier hearts and lives.Opportunities for patient involvement: Explore the significance of patient participation in clinical research and how individuals can contribute to shaping the future of cardiovascular medicine.The specific research focus within Monument Health's Heart & Vascular Institute: Gain insights into the ongoing research projects tackling prevalent heart and vascular conditions in the region.Looking ahead: The future of cardiovascular research: Get a glimpse into the exciting new frontiers of research and development, holding the promise of even better care for patients in the years to come.Whether you're a patient actively seeking the latest treatment options, a healthcare professional curious about cutting-edge research, or simply someone interested in the future of medicine, this podcast episode is for you.
  • 79. Heart/Vascular: Complex Coronary Disease with Dr. Bhaskar Purushottam

    Is heart disease a concern for you? Wondering if your case is more complex than meets the eye? Join us for a conversation with Dr. Bhaskar Purushottam, a leading vascular surgeon at Monument Health in Rapid City, SD.In this episode, we delve into the intricacies of complex coronary disease:What exactly is it? How does it differ from typical heart disease?Who is most at risk? Are there specific warning signs to watch out for?Treatment options for the complex case: Exploring minimally invasive procedures, advanced surgical techniques, and personalized approaches.Living with and managing complex coronary disease: Dr. Purushottam shares valuable insights on navigating this condition and optimizing your heart health.Whether you're directly affected by complex coronary disease or simply seeking knowledge, this podcast equips you with essential information and empowers you to ask informed questions.
  • 78. Cardiology: Queen of Hearts with Dr. Drew Purdy and Shayla Johnson, CNP

    In this episode, we're tackling a topic that has touched the lives of many across the globe: heart disease in women. We join forces with two passionate practitioners, Dr. Drew Purdy and Shayla Johnson, CNP, from Monument Health in Rapid City, as we delve into the crucial aspects of heart health that every woman should know.Heart disease is a stealthy assailant, causing 1 in 3 women's deaths each year. Despite these stark numbers, research reveals that only 56% of women identify heart disease as their most significant health threat. It's time to shed light on this widely misunderstood health concern and empower ourselves to make smarter choices for our hearts.Together with Dr. Purdy and Shayla Johnson, we'll provide practical advice for maintaining a healthy heart. We'll demystify cardiac symptoms unique to women, discuss proactive measures, and explore the power of early detection.
  • 77. Urology: Navigating Life's Leaks with Dr. Nicholas Hopson

    Do you experience unexpected urine leakage when coughing, laughing, or simply going about your day? Millions of men and women face the challenges of urinary incontinence, often in silence. But this common condition shouldn't hold you back!Join us for a candid conversation with Dr. Nicholas Hopson, a leading urologist at Monument Health in Rapid City, SD. In this insightful podcast, Dr. Hopson sheds light on the various types of urinary incontinence, their causes, and the effective treatment options available.He'll address:Stress incontinence: Learn how everyday activities can trigger unwanted leaks and what solutions, like pelvic floor strengthening exercises, can empower you to regain control.Urge incontinence: Discover the underlying reasons for sudden and urgent bathroom needs, like overactive bladder, and explore treatment options like medication and neuromodulation.Men's specific concerns: Dr. Hobson delves into issues like post-prostate surgery incontinence and provides tailored advice for men seeking bladder control solutions.No matter your age, gender, or severity of symptoms, this podcast offers hope and practical guidance. You'll hear real-life experiences and gain valuable insights for taking the first step toward regaining your confidence and living life to the fullest.Don't let leaks control you. Tune in and learn how Dr. Nicholas Hopson and Monument Health can help you take charge of your urinary health and reclaim your freedom.
  • 76. Pediatrics: Bronchiolitis and the Triple-demic with Dr. Kyle Lemley

    Join Dr. Kyle Lemley, a pediatrician at Monument Health in Rapid City, as we tackle the timely topic of bronchiolitis and its challenges amid the ongoing triple pandemic of COVID-19, influenza, and RSV.What is bronchiolitis? It's a common respiratory infection that inflames the small airways in the lungs, primarily affecting infants and young children. While usually mild, it can be especially worrisome for this vulnerable age group.Why is bronchiolitis concerning during the triple pandemic? The overlap in symptoms between these viruses makes diagnosis tricky, putting additional strain on healthcare systems already navigating COVID-19. We'll dive into:Early signs and symptoms of bronchiolitis to be aware of in your little ones.Distinguishing bronchiolitis from other respiratory illnesses, including the current viral culprits.Practical tips for managing bronchiolitis at home and knowing when to seek medical attention.Strategies for protecting your child from these circulating viruses during the triple pandemic.Dr. Lemley will answer your questions and clear up any confusion surrounding bronchiolitis and the current respiratory landscape. So, tune in and breathe easier, Rapid City!
  • 75. Family Medicine: Rising Above Addiction with Dr. Stephen Tamang

    Addiction. It's a word loaded with stigma, fear, and often, misunderstanding. In this episode, we peel back the layers of this complex issue, exploring its roots, impacts, and most importantly, the path to recovery.Joining us is Dr. Stephen Tamang, a family physician at Monument Health in Rapid City, South Dakota. Driven by a deep commitment to his patients, Dr. Tamang has made treating addiction a cornerstone of his practice.Through open conversation, Dr. Tamang sheds light on the science behind addiction, dispelling myths and misconceptions. He delves into the biological and psychological factors that can contribute to substance dependence, highlighting the importance of a comprehensive approach to treatment.This episode isn't just about the darkness of addiction, though. It's about hope. Dr. Tamang discusses the diverse range of treatment options available, emphasizing the importance of personalized care tailored to each unique journey.Whether you're personally struggling with addiction, have a loved one facing this challenge, or simply want to gain a deeper understanding of this prevalent issue, this episode is for you!