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Sex and Relationships! What do we know? Do we know things? Let’s find out!

I’m Dr. Lisa Dawn Hamilton. By day, I’m a sex researcher and psychology professor who teaches about sex.In this podcast I explore the things we think we know about sex by delving into the research surrounding common beli

Restorative Justice: A More Human Process for Survivors

Ep. 48
Listen. We all know there's a problem with the way the legal system handles sexual assault cases. Anyone who has been through it or has heard about or read about a survivor's experience knows how horrible and retraumatizing the process can be. But what if there was a different way. A more human way. That's where restorative justice comes in.My guest on this episode is Marlee Liss, a sensuality coach and an advocate for restorative justice. Marlee is a survivor of sexual assault and was the first person in Canada and the U.S. to have a restorative justice resolution to her sexual assault case within the legal system. It is a fascinating story of her advocating for her needs after assault and getting to look her assailant in the eye and say and hear the things she needed to say and hear to heal. We also address some beliefs and misunderstandings around restorative justice.Restorative Justice! What do we know? Do We Know Things? Let’s find out!Previous episode on Restorative Justice: Rethinking Justice for Sexual AssaultLinks mentioned in this episode:Marlee Liss InstagramMarlee Liss Website Amplify RJ Trauma Not Transformed is Trauma Transferred by Tabitha Mpamira-KaguriUntil We Reckon by Danielle SeredFind the script for this episode here.Hosted by Dr. Lisa Dawn Hamilton, psychology professor and sex educator.Music and editing Jeremy Dahl assistance by Matt Tunnacliffe