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Distribution Advocates Presents

The Truth About Film Festivals

Season 1, Ep. 3

On this episode of Distribution Advocates Presents we examine the functions of the film festival system and interrogate whether its promises reign true. Are film festivals still havens of discovery, dealmaking, and connection for filmmakers? This episode features conversations with Kaila Hier, Amy Hobby, Jemma Desai and Abby Sun.

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  • 6. The Truth About Distribution

    Distribution Advocates Presents takes a hard look at the current system of distribution, and what can happen to filmmakers when a distribution company fails. In conversation with an independent distributor, this episode also considers the larger corporate forces currently dictating and limiting the range of distribution for both distributors and filmmakers, and thus ultimately audiences. This episode features conversations with Orly Ravid, Kim Laureen, Pat Murphy, Efuru Flowers and Matt Stoller.
  • 5. The Truth About Exhibition

    Host Avril Speaks has a variety of conversations that explore new frameworks for exhibition by bringing the focus back to the basics: reaching audiences. By examining the direct connection with audiences, filmmakers are recentering exhibition as the primary focus of filmmaking. This episode features conversations with Alece Oxendine, Barbara Twist, Matt Stoller, Kaila Hier, Abby Sun, Efuru Flowers, Carlos Gutiérrez and Jemma Desai.
  • 4. The Truth About Film School

    Why is distribution almost completely absent from many film school curriculums? Host Avril Speaks delves into this discrepancy and looks at the real-world consequences for filmmakers. This episode features conversations with Jameka Autry, Barbara Twist, Alece Oxendine and Pat Murphy.
  • 2. The Truth About Awards

    Filmmakers successful in running an awards season campaign tell their story and unveil underlying capital systems dominating the awards landscape on this episode of Distribution Advocates Presents. Are these campaigns worth the hype? Are they right for your film? This episode features conversations with Matt Stoller, Abby Sun, Rintu Thomas, Sushmit Ghosh and Kaila Hier.
  • 1. The Truth About Sales Agents

    What exactly do sales agents do, and why do they matter? Host Avril Speaks and her guests demystify the role of sales agents, and explore one filmmaker's journey in finding distribution without one. This episode features conversations with Pat Murphy, Orly Ravid, Alece Oxendine, Set Hernandez, Abby Sun, Efuru Flowers and Kaila Hier.
  • Distribution Advocates Presents...Trailer

    Distribution Advocates Presents demystifies the world of independent film distribution with honest insider stories. How can we better understand what’s happening to the ecosystem and start to create more equitable distribution systems moving forward? Hosted by Avril Speaks, filmmaker and co-founder of Distribution Advocates, this series of conversations examines concerning practices in the industry and explores innovative and sustainable solutions.