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Disruption Dialogues

Transforming Healthcare through Technology: Innovations and Challenges

Season 2, Ep. 24

We’re now live with a new episode of #DisruptionDialogues #Podcast #Season2 with Guy Rachmuth, Vice President—Corporate Strategy, Enterprise, IQVIA, and our host, Yamini Jain, Vice President—Healthcare, MarketsandMarkets. Join them for a fascinating conversation on healthcare transformations and discover how advancements like #generativeai, #bigdata, #biomarkers, and others, are contributing to patient care outcomes while boosting operational efficiencies in healthcare.

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  • 31. Optimizing Healthcare Systems Through Digital Transformation

    Our lates t#DisruptionDialogues #Podcast #Season2 episode is now live! Join the conversation with Karin Munasinghe, Ph.D., Senior Director Marketing – EMEA, BD, and our host, Siddharth Saha, Senior VP –Healthcare and Lifesciences Practice, MarketsandMarkets, to learn about optimizing healthcare systems through digital transformation. Tune in now.
  • 30. Are Domestic Payment Methods Becoming the Preferred Method of Payment for Consumers?

    #Technology has revolutionized #payments, with #digitalwallets offering a seemingly unbeatable blend of convenience and security. However, a fascinating trend is emerging: domestic payment methods are gaining traction again. Delve into this fascinating shift in our latest episode of #DisruptionDialogues #Podcast#Season2 with David Budzevski VP of Global Product Strategy & Commercialization – Payment Gateway Services, Mastercard and Vinod Chikkareddy Chief Customer Officer, MarketsandMarkets. Tune in to find out!
  • 29. Exploring the Intersection of Data Centers, Sustainability, & Innovation

    The latest episode of #DisruptionDialogues #Podcast #Season2 is now live! Tune in to a fascinating conversation with our expert speakers: Marc Garner, Senior Vice President – Secure Power Division Europe, Schneider Electric, and Ionut Farcas, Senior Vice President – Power Products Europe, Schneider Electric, and our host, Sarwant Singh, President (Europe) and Chief Commercial Officer, MarketsandMarkets. Explore the impact of data centers on the #FutureOfEnergy and how they can be further innovated to be #sustainable in the future. #b2bpodcast #disruption #sustainableenergy #powerconsumption #schneider #marketsandmarkets #businesstalks #nowstreaming
  • 28. New & Innovative Business Approaches to Enabling Equitable Healthcare Access

    Over the past decade, the #healthcare experience has witnessed some fascinating innovations. In our previous episodes, we discussed the advances in healthcare and the role of tech advances in propelling it forward with several global leaders. Yet, a major challenge persists nevertheless—easy accessibility. With the underserved population still at large across the globe and the cost of healthcare service deliveries continuing to spiral upwards,#technology alone does not seem to be the only solution. How can we tackle this? The answer is just an episode away. Tune in to our latest #DisruptionDialogues #Podcast #Season2 episode, where we discuss equitable healthcare accessibility with Michael Coulter, SVP—Strategy and Business Modality Management, United Imaging - North America, and Siddharth Saha, SVP—Healthcare and Lifesciences Practices, MarketsandMarkets. 
  • 27. Seeds of Change: Innovation for Smallholders Farmer

    Our latest #DisruptionDialogues #Podcast #Season2 episode is now streaming! Join Venkata Kishore, Global Head of Veg Seeds Smallholders and Sustainability at Bayer, and Aashish Mehra, Chief Research Officer at MarketsandMarkets, as they explore the groundbreaking innovations in #cropscience that are transforming the lives of #smallholder farmers.Tune in now to gain valuable insights into how #technology and #innovations are shaping the future of #agriculture.
  • 26. Future of Energy

    A new episode of #DisruptionDialogues #Podcast # Season2 is now live! Dive into a power-packed conversation on the #futureofenergy with our guest speaker Daniela Haldy Sellmann, Global Vice President and Head of the Industry Business Unit for Energy & Utilities, SAP, and our host, Sarwant Singh, President (Europe) and Chief Commercial Officer, MarketsandMarkets. Learn how #technology is pivotal in achieving our #netzero and #sustainability goals in the modern landscape.
  • 25. Exploring Thermoplastics Composites: Technological Enabler Unveiled

    We’re now live with the 25th episode of #DisruptionDialogues #Podcast #Season2 with Fabrizio Ponte, EVP—Head of Thermoplastic Composites Platform, Syensqo, and our host, Robert Outram, Vice President—Chemicals, Materials & Food—Europe & Middle East, MarketsandMarkets. Tune in for a fascinating conversation on the concept of #thermoplastic composites and explore the industry’s future and the latest #disruptions in our podcast episode.
  • 23. AI's Impact on Fragrance Industry and Digital Transformation

    Our latest #DisruptionDialogues #podcast #season2 episode is now live on all podcast platforms. Tune in to a disruptive conversation between Felix Frowein, SVP—Global Consumer Fragrances, dsm-firmenich, and our host, Robert Outram, Vice President—Chemical, Materials & Food, Europe and Middle East, MarketsandMarkets, on ‘AI’s Impact on Fragrance Industry and Digital Transformation’. What are you waiting for? Explore the fascinating impacts of #artificialintelligence as well as the latest disruptions emerging in the fragrance industry.