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Dish Island

Gary Mehigan

Season 2, Ep. 11

You may know him from his time judging on MasterChef Australia, or from his iconic cookbooks. But now, he'll be known as the beloved chef who came to Dish Island... and never left! Gary talks about his new book, Good Food Every Day, and brings a truly unique desert island dish to spice up life on the island.

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  • 18. Ben Lee

    A musical legend joins us on the island this week: Ben Lee is here! He discusses the ins and outs of working with the one you love, learning how to be a creative in 2022, and how he feels about Paul stealing one of his albums.
  • 17. Ione Skye

    The truly iconic Ione Skye is here. An actor with a ridiculously adventurous career, Ione discusses her love of the ploughman's platter, her role in the new series La Brea, cooking during lockdown, and being married to Ben Lee!
  • A Pause Between Courses

    Tegan and Paul will return next week with a brand new episode of Dish Island!
  • 16. James Sherry (is A*mazing)

    Host of iconic Aussie quiz show A*mazing, James Sherry, is here! He spills the secrets of the maze, reveals what it's like to work in kids TV, and serces up a truly uncomplicated desert island dish.
  • 15. Rowdie Walden

    There's no TV on Dish Island, so it's possible today's guest - Rowdie Walden, host of the Kath & Kim retrospective podcast, Look at Moi - will really struggle surviving here without a DVD player in sight. We do, thankfully, have dippity-bix.
  • 14. Greg Davies

    The Taskmaster himself, Greg Davies, is here! He talks about his new series, The Cleaner, but he also discusses family, pub food, and the most unpretentious desert island dish yet.Aussies can stream The Cleaner exclusively on BritBox!
  • 13. Sam Mac

    The accidental weatherman himself, Sam Mac, has landed on the island! He's here to talk taking advantage of a buffet, pilfering free food on set, and he also serves up a truly comforting desert island dish.
  • 12. Adam McKenzie

    Comedian Adam McKenzie is here! He's one half of the critically acclaimed comedy group Watson, and he's also the single fussiest easter we know. How will he fare on the island? Time to find out!