Episode 465: Alabaster Deplume's 'To Cy & Lee: Instrumentals, Vol. 1'

Season 10, Ep. 465

Saxophonist and poet Alabaster Deplume is a true man of the people. With a focus on human interaction and togetherness, Deplume’s music, both on record and in live performance, serves one purpose, and one purpose only: To bring us all together. We’re taking a look at this legend-in-the-making’s remarkable To Cy & Lee: Instrumentals, Vol. 1, and uncovering some answers as to why music is such an essential force in our lives along the way. 

PLUS: Percussionist Joe Westerlund’s Reveries In The Rift, uses jazz, folk, and more to create worlds for us to escape in a way that few albums can. Get lost with the rest of us and check out the single “Ituri Air” from this gorgeous, idiosyncratic gem. 

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