Episode 459: Jeff Parker's 'Suite for Max Brown'

Season 10, Ep. 459

Guitarist Jeff Parker is best known for his work with Chicago post-rock gawds Tortoise. But anyone who has followed his career knows that he has a long history of sharing the spotlight with heavy hitters like Joshua Redman, Meshell Ndegeocello, and more while continuing to occupy the more experimental corners of the jazz world with the likes of Makaya McCraven and the new Chicago jazz scene. Suite for Max Brown, a forged-from-joy mixtape from outer-space, expands the lexicon of modern jazz even when it lets off the gas to pay tribute to Parker’s roots, and isn’t just a high-point in Parker’s discography, but maybe a new bar for jazz as we know it today. Wes Covey joins us to discuss this unimpeachable masterpiece and why the future of jazz in 2020 looks brighter than ever.

PLUS! Washington, D.C.’s Light Beams are here to save the universe with Self Help, their debut full length and we’re spinning it’s first single “Sacred Scales” to make sure you see the light.

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