Episode 394: The Skiffle Players are back with 'Skiff' and thoughts on 'The Beatles (Super Deluxe)'

Season 7, Ep. 394

The members of The Skiffle Players — Neal Casal (Circles Around The Sun/Chris Robinson Brotherhood), Dan Horne (Beachwood Sparks), Cass McCombs, Farmer Dave Scher (All Night Radio/Beachwood Sparks), Aaron Sperske (Father John Misty/Beachwood Sparks) — are some of the most respected musicians on the scene today. So when they find the time to get together for a new Skiffle Players album, you’d best believe it’s going to be something special. Skiff, the collective’s second LP, expands on the foundation they laid with 2016’s Skifflin’ and hints at a blindingly bright future that looks a lot like the past that they’ve been celebrating.

PLUS! New music from San Francisco duo Quietwater, and thoughts on the recent Giles Martin remaster of The Beatles “White” album.

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