Episode 382: Shooter Jennings' "Shooter"; In Conversation with Wheeler Walker Jr.

Season 7, Ep. 382

Shooter Jennings is a man of many moods and talents, but on his new album Shooter, he's returning to his Country roots. A celebration of the Hank Williams Jr, and all of the troublemakers and rabble-rousers that came before and after, Shooter is bursting with debauchery, heartache, and something sorely missing from today's Country music: fun.

PLUS! We're sitting down with the true savior of Country music - Wheeler Walker, Jr. - to discuss his upcoming album and tour, why the Nashville machine continues to give one of it's own the cold shoulder, and much, much more.

10 out of 10 podcast enthusiasts agree: This episode SLAPS! So tune in if you know what's good for you, pardner. 

Show Notes

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