Episode 316.1 - Aaron Abernathy - The Interview, Part One

Season 5, Ep. 316

Aaron "Ab' Abernathy is a music man. He 's a soul man. He is a man of faith. The legacy of the Civil Rights Movement runs through his blood. And he poured all of this and more into the and album that is as much a soundtrack to 2017 as it is a timeless statement on flawed nature of the human condition, Dialogue.

On this very special episode, Kevin and Marcus K. Dowling sit down with the singer/songwriter to discuss how Dialogue came to be, how he hopes it can help open up discussions about old issues that still burden our society today, and much more. 

Come on and #beapartofthedialogue on part one of a two-part interview with one of the most indispensable voices of 2017: Aaron Abernathy.

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