Episode 283: Rock N Roll Consciousness - Thurston Moore

Sexual assault and harassment has plagued the music industry since it's earliest days. Th e latest band to write a chapter in this sad story are New York pop-punkers PWR BTTM. Over the past few weeks, the world saw the band literally fall apart before its eyes afte singer, Ben Hopkins, found himself the subject of serious and credible accusations of sexual assault, an act that is antithetical to message that the LGBTQ-friendly duo has been preaching in their music and at their shows since their inception. Kevin, Marcus and Eduardo are sitting down to take a hard look at sexual assault in the music industry, what people can do to protect themselves from these situations, and, most importantly, what can all of us to help the survivors of these most heinous of acts. 
Sonic shaman Thurston Moore is back with a new solo LP, and loads of feedback to spare. But is the world better with yet another piece of wax in it, or is rock-and-roll best left as an art that lives on the stage? Kevin and Eduardo are getting real with the rock legend's latest.
PLUS! Montreal's She-Devil were the big hit of this years SXSW, and now their debut, self-titled LP has finally landed. Get a taste of what everyone has been talking about with 

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