Alabaster DePlume's "GOLD" PLUS! music we love from The Dead Tongues, Peter Broderick, and more!

Season 11, Ep. 506

Alabaster DePlume’s (aka Gus Fairbairn) To Cy & Lee: Instrumentals, Vol. 1, was roundly praised as one of the best albums of 2020 and served as a balm for music fans of all types as they settled into a new, pandemic reality. Now he’s back with GOLD, an uplifting, quasi-spiritual journey towards understanding the value of self-worth in a world where it may no longer be valued. Part free-jazz, part primitive hymnal, GOLD builds on the strengths of DePlume's earlier work to coalesce into his strongest statement on our shared humanity to date.

PLUS! Music we love from Durham, NC’s The Dead Tongues, Peter Broderick & Friends covering Arthur Russell, and more!

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