Episode 257: Prisoner - Ryan Adams

This year, the Grammy's made it clear that they may have some...issues to work through. Kevin and Marcus Dowling (Bandcamp/Pitchfork) try to clear the air on how the esteemed organization really functions, and what you, YES YOU, might be able to do to change that.
Ryan Adams is one of the most prolific, and most successful singer/songwriters of the past 20 years. On Prisoner, his 16th LP, he's mining the pain of his recent divorce and the glory of 80's rock n' roll in equal measure? Is it another hit for the man with all the feelz, or is Adams just treading water? Tune in and find out.
PLUS! Ibibo Sound Machine is coming soon to a stereo near you. Get to know them and their single "Give Me A Reason" so you can get hype like us. 

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