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Valorant Is Here, Time To Brew Cold Brew, And Steam Data

Ep. 209

In This Episode…

Time is changing, and, Digital Coffee is looking for a new name for this podcast. Digital Coffee will remain, just more of an umbrella of all the podcasts I record. Let me know what you think. Plus, great gaming news and updates. More importantly, Valorant closed beta is here! Also, I talk about why you should start brewing cold brew coffee!

Show Notes

●      [01:02] Amazon’s New MMO The New World is delayed                 

●      [01:40] Xbox Game Pass gets new games to try                   

●      [02:22] For Honor Season Pass is delayed                 

●      [03:14] Noble Gaming Charis partners with Bethesda          

●      [04:05] Gears 5 is free to play this weekend on PC

●      [04:23] AMD new 4000 CPUs coming soon

●      [05:36] The Witcher 3 sold well in 2019

●      [06:57] CD Projekt Red has a diversity report

●      [07:35] The Valorant closed beta is here

●      [09:27] Twitch updates its nudity policy

●      [11:01] Game Par on Windows 10 Plugin

●      [12:20] Get Sega Classic games for cheap

●      [13:21] New Overwatch hero Echo arrives next week

●      [13:59] Updates to hero pools and maps

●      [17:09] Steam releases data on its platform

●      [19:41] No Man’s Sky gets Mechs         

●      [20:26] Brewing Cold Brew Coffee

People, Games, and Companies, We Mentioned in the Show

●      No Man’s Sky

●      The Witcher 3

●      CD Projekt Red

●      Valorant

●      Twitch

●      Xbox Game Pass

●      Sega Classic Games

●      Overwatch

●      Steam

●      Cold Brew Coffee

●      For Honor

●      New World

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Episode Length: 24:29

Thanks so much for tuning in. Join us again next week for another episode!

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