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Unreal Engine 5, Ampere is here, and Valorant Impressions

Ep. 214

In This Episode…

It’s always interesting when new tech is announced. Everyone gets excited for the hype around what it promises. Gamers get upset because it did not meet their expectations and the cycle continues. That’s gaming! Plus, why Valorant numbers are inflated and stop working with China!

Show Notes

●      [01:21] Darwin Project is shutting down                   

●      [01:57] Valorant oppressive anti-cheat measure                  

●      [03:05] COD Warzone 2FA                 

●      [07:12] Halo 2 is released      

●      [07:40] Epic did a tech demo of the Unreal Engine 5

●      [09:32] Nvidia GTC 2020

●      [11:20] Ubisoft may have a new gaming coming

●      [12:38] Twitch want to keep you safe

●      [15:03] Valorant Impressions, overhyped numbers, and stop working with China

People, Games, and Companies, We Mentioned in the Show

●      Valorant

●      Battlefield

●      Epic

●      Nvidia

●      Ampere

●      Ubisoft

●      Twitch

●      COD Warzone

●      Darwin Project

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Episode Length: 21:12

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