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Twitch does a Double Standard

Ep. 249

In This Episode…

This week has been weird and rough for the US. We’ve seen the censorship of people from one political ideology and it’s a double standard. Eventually people will get tired of this and move on. Plus, new tech and delayed games!

Show Notes

●      [01:41] Adata gets ready to launch DDR5 for Intel   

●      [03:30] Noctua delays its passive cooler       

●      [05:06] Battleborn to shut down this month             

●      [07:34] Valve looking to hire a psychologist  

●      [08:35] Epic Games Acquires RAD Tools

●      [09:41] Epic buys a mall

●      [10:35] Prey 2 may be in development

●      [12:13] PUBG try to make players play nice

●      [15:22] New customization tools on Steam for controllers

●      [16:49] Outriders has been delayed

●      [18:09] Twitch play double standard when it comes to censorship

People, Games, and Companies, We Mentioned in the Show

●      Twitch

●      Outriders

●      Social Media

●      DDR5

●      Prey

●      Battleborn

●      Overwatch

●      Noctua

●      Epic

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