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COD: MW 2019 Outrage and Why Subscription Services will Win the Future of Peripherals

Ep. 185

Oh boy! Another dramafest for gamers. COD: Modern Warfare has one part of a mode that is exclusive. So? Why does it matter? I share my opinion on this episode. The reason I break from the rest of influential gamers is because there seems to be a narrow minded approach. I did play the COD Beta too. However, it's important to note that this industry is changing. Whether we like it or not. That's why subscription will be next approach most companies take. Buying anything will soon require a subscription or the product itself will be more expensive. That's why I go into further detail in this episode!

Show Notes:

  • Get a free game on GOG
  • Borderlands 3 stats and why it's all marketing speak
  • COD: MW Beta and Mode exclusivity
  • Red Dead Redemption 2
  • Why buying a keyboard or mouse will require a subscription
  • What does this mean to consumers.

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Halo Infinite is not that Bad

Ep. 225
In This Episode…This week I talk about the latest going on in the PC gaming industry. I also talk about Joe Rogan’s comment on gaming. Do you think I agree with him? You’ve got to find out. Also, talking about why people need to chill out over the Halo Infinite demo. We all know graphics don’t make a great game. Why I think this is overblown. Enjoy!Show Notes●[00:48] There is no Cyberpunk 2077 beta ●[01:36] Fanless CPU cooler coming soon●[02:34] Big Navi may not compete against the 3080 ti or 3090●[04:34] AMD new CPU is not bad ●[06:01] Red Dead Online has finally updated●[06:49] Epic Game Store is getting achievements●[08:28] Marvel Avengers post launch content●[09:20] Horizon Zero Dawn system requirements released●[10:45] Sea of Thieves gets more content●[11:55] Valve is making it harder to use VPNs●[12:40] Hyper Scape is releasing next month●[13:33] Bethesda has released the QuakeCon schedule●[14:52] Gamers are not happy about Star Citizen●[17:21] Talking about the Joe Rogan gaming comment ●[20:35] Halo Infinite “bad graphics” is overblown People, Games, and Companies, We Mentioned in the Show●Halo Infinite ●Hyper Scape●Red Dead Online●AMD●Sea of Thieves●Marvel Avengers●Horizon Zero Dawn●Noctua●Cyberpunk 2077●Epic Game Store●Valve●Star Citizen●Joe Rogan ●You can now support us on Buy Me A Coffee!Episode Length: 27:40Thanks so much for tuning in. Join us again next week for another episode!Download Options●If you enjoyed this episode, leave us a review here!Contact Us!●If you want to get involved, leave us a comment!●Visit us and give us a ‘like’ on our Facebook page!●Follow us on Twitter.●Follow us on Instagram.●Join ourDiscord!●Email atbdeister@digitalcoffee.ggThanks for listening!