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Can We Please Find a Way to Curb Scalping

Ep. 242

In This Episode…

AMD recently released their new CPUs and they were all sold out by scalpers. This is not the first time this has happened and retailers have done nothing to stop scalpers from buying all the inventory. It makes me mad and people that want to use the CPU frustrated. Let’s find out what can be done.

Show Notes

●      [01:08] Dungeons 3 is free on Epic Game Store                    

●      [01:33] EA Plans on Doing more Ads in-game                      

●      [02:36] Steam is launching a new feature     

●      [03:32] Immortals Fenyx Rising PC Requirements    

●      [05:32] Horizon Zero Dawn got an update

●      [06:31] Accelerate Games is launching

●      [07:31] The Medium may get banned in Australia

●      [07:48] Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order is coming to EA Play

●      [08:38] Todd Howard says Starfield is a long way off

●      [09:20] Guild Wars 2 is on hold for Steam

●      [10:12] RTX 3080 will not play Godfall in Ultra Mode

●      [11:10] Intel shows off their new GPUs

●      [12:12] LG releases a new monitor

●      [13:13] AMD achieves the highest market share in X86 since 2007

●      [14:51] AMD released their new CPUs and their gone, what can be done?

People, Games, and Companies, We Mentioned in the Show

●      AMD

●      Nvidia

●      EA

●      Xbox Game Pass

●      Horizon Zero Dawn

●      Steam

●      The Medium

●      Ryzen 5000

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