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Avengers Disassemble? Discussing the Spiderman Controversy

Ep. 226

In This Episode…

Crystal Dynamics and Sony dropped a bombshell in the gaming industry this week by announcing that Spiderman was exclusive to the PlayStation. In turn, Xbox and PC gamers were both upset about this move and Sony will continue to do this? What I am going to be talking about is the two different strategies the companies are taking and how is going to be on top in the long run.

Show Notes

●      The details about the Avengers Spiderman controversy                  

●      Why it matters to PC gamers            

●      Who has the better strategy Sony or Microsoft?                  

People, Games, and Companies, We Mentioned in the Show

●      Square Enix

●      Marvel

●      Sony

●      Microsoft

●      Avengers

●      Spiderman

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Episode Length: 16:41

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