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Reddit doomed? Or lacks understanding of free speech

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This is getting tiring. Reddit is becoming the place to never have a thought or a wrong thought. The CEO of Reddit did something wrong. He should be punished for his dubious actions. If he really wants to heal Reddit and the country; maybe you should not silence a group. The problem with these people is they do not understand hate speech. They do not understand free speech and they were riding on the goodwill of their users for so long, they forgot about the trust that was built for the past decade. People should be suspicious of these companies. They do not care about you or your speech.

Find out why below.

Tech News Decoded:
Samsung may split up
Spotify launches a new funny add?
Twitter allows moments to be created on mobile
Durex wants to make a condom emoji
Netflix is finally getting an offline mode
Microsoft has a new app launcher for copying and pasting
Apple has an apology for those spammy calendar invites
Dusk is a live streaming app that is anonymous
Facebook cuts off Prisma live filters
Readdle launches Spark for MacOS
GoPro is trimming its workforce
Dubsmash raises some money
Talking about speech and social media
and more!
Apps/Programs To Try:
Facebook Messenger Instant Games
Twitter Unfollow
Tweetable Quotes:
Talking about sex, even with that emoji is better than not.

These social media companies built themselves off of free speech and forgot what is that meant.

I don't think breaking up Samsung is a good idea.

Dusk is a way for people to talk about ideas without consequence.

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