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It's January and that means CES is back! CES 2017 seems to be about the smart fridges and convincing people about making their homes smart. It's bigger this year. LG and Samsung are trying to persuade people into an always-connected life. Will people buy into it, is the question. There are some grave security questions about always connected devices. None of the companies seem too concerned about it either. This security concern does warrant me to hold off until they address this issue. No one should have their TV or fridge hijacked and told to pay money for it. However, I am hopefully these companies will wise up and invest time and money into it. This is the best way to get more customers and ensure they stay loyal.

Show Timeline:
Zuckerberg wants to meet you
Happy New Year? Medium lays off some staff.
Samsung CES updates
Panasonic releases some updates on the GH5
Asus announces an AR/VR phone
Alexa is coming to your fridge
LG unveils a robot and a smart fridge
Fitbit, health and a VR bike?
Lenovo has an Amazon Echo competitor
Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835 will make battery life last longer
D-Links got your home covered
Kingston has a 2 TB flash drive for you
Casio's rugged smartwatch is using AndroidWear 2.0
New specs for HDMI 2.1
Good job Uber and Lyft users. You're helping reduce congestion
HP has a weird computer
Some New Tech to Try this Week:
DVD Netflix
Highlights from the Show:
Zuckerberg is going on a road trip!

If you use Lyft and Uber, you can reduce congestion if you share your ride.

I don't understand why someone would need a 2 TB flash drive at 2 grand.

If you're looking for a great DSLR at an affordable price, the GH5 is your camera.

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