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Why some companies completely missed the point of the Super Bowl

Today's Episode
The Super Bowl. It's a time for people to get together and enjoy two teams fighting for a title. One of the reasons why the Super Bowl got so popular is because of the commercials. Businesses decided to make their commercials spectacles that were funny. Football brought people together. It did not matter what political affiliation you were, it was time to watch a great game… hopefully. Now, that seems like an impossible task. This year some businesses decided to go political.

However, it was not all of them. Some still showed their funny side, but, others missed the ball. In this tense time in America, businesses need to understand that it is getting worse. You can stand for something, but, be prepared to suffer some consequences for that. Audi is the best example. They decided to make a commercial about gender issues and forget they were selling cars.

This episode is all about the commercials and other things that happened at the Super Bowl. Mostly, it has to with the messaging and making sure you do not do something that will set a group off or a smaller group. Find out more down below

Show Timeline:
Talking about the Super Bowl
Rating the Ads
Once again, telling why it's important to stay neutral
How companies will pay for their political statements
How bad some companies were not understanding the event or their audience
Why Lady Gaga made a better choice
What I want to see businesses doing in the future
Apps/Programs to try this Week:
IPO List
Highlights from the Show:
I feel bad for Budweiser, their message was hijacked.

Audi, you are going to pay for your commercial.

Secret had the best marketing campaign. They knew their audience.

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