Did I Do That?: Making Graphic Design & Mistakes


Sometimes The Moment Needs Extra Mayo (with Kyle Letendre)

Season 1, Ep. 8
Lettering artist extraordinaire and Portland foliage fan Kyle Letendre joins Sean to talk Minnesota’s missing lakes, misguided entrepreneurial spirit, and rebrands that aren’t quite making the grade. We’re filling in the pixels in that JPEG manually in person while we get to the bottom of a question that’s been on everyone’s mind: what’s Sean’s favorite food color? You can find Kyle at @heykyle on Instagram and @heykylehey on Twitter! You can find more about their work at kyleletendre.com! You can find Did I Do That? on your podcatcher of choice, or through our website, dididothat.design! You can also follow on both Instagram and Twitter if you’ve not yet abandoned social media like a sinking ship. If you enjoyed this show, despite the large body of evidence against such a thing being possible, why not share the misplaced love? Write a (five star) review on your podcasting service of choice—it really helps! Please tell a friend, too, because sharing is caring.

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Inane Courage (with Adam Garcia)

Season 1, Ep. 13
Los Angeles-based design powerhouse Adam Garcia (Creative Director at Apple Music) joins Sean to talk puzzle crimes, the Little Mermaid’s coffee adventure, and the ins and outs of mounting a production with the Mucinex Man. Call John Waters, ’cause we’re reviving Smell-O-Vision for this one!You can find Adam’s work atadamrgarcia.studioand on Instagram @adamrgarcia. You can find his podcast, “Dope Excerpts,” wherever you find podcasts—give it a listen!Follow "Did I Do That?" on some of the things via our website,dididothat.design! You can also findthe show’s Patreon there, should you find yourself in aBrewster’s Millionstype scenario where you need to get rid of money fast and any old thing will do (or, you know, if you just like this thing and want to help support its production). Either way is fine by me!If you enjoyed this episode and want to support the show, help spread the word! Five-star reviews are always welcome, as are written reviews if you need something to keep your idle hands at bay. Don’t want to deal with the hassle of stars or keys? Telling a friend IRL is a great way to avoid both, and helps the show plenty!Got a story to share?If you’re a graphic designer living in or traveling to the Portland metro area and have a song in your heart in the form of a goofy story about your past work that you need to share, reach out! Sean is booking out guests for late spring and summer and would love to have you on board. Emailhi@seanschumacher.comif you’re interested!