Design Tomorrow


What is real?

Ep. 6

It may sound like a rhetorical question, but asking "what is real?" is becoming more and more a practical inquiry into the nature of our everyday experience. In this episode of Design Tomorrow, we'll imagine a future — not too far off — where the lines between real and something else will be so blurry that we'll probably need a whole new category of technology to help us bring them back into focus...


The Pyramids at Giza

The Mona Lisa


Audio Spotlight

Talking Window

Active Listening

VR Headset

Project Bluebeam


Cathedral Redwoods, by r beny

Hallon, by Christian Bjoerklund

Novation Peak Ambient, by r beny

Oella, by r beny


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  5. "…most startups claiming to promote the sharing economy are really just neoliberal extravagances that will further enrich the smartphone-toting white elite."

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