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Phones Never Die. They're Eaten By Birds

Ep. 26

Can we really call it progress when it creates so much waste? What if your phone — the one you’re using right now — was your last phone? Take a good look at it and imagine using it for the rest of your life. Could it even last that long? Could you? Probably not. Today I want to think about what that means. What happens to a planet and its people when technological progress is measured in product cycles. And what happens when there's no balance sheet to account for the other side of that — when every new product leaves billions of products and accessories and packaging behind…

Show Notes


All music used in this episode was independently produced by r beny and licensed by Design Tomorrow for non-commercial use.

  • Felt
  • Fall Creek Unit
  • Formation Process
  • Novation Peak
  • Mariposa
  • Alluvial
  • Natoma
  • Spindle
  • Illumination Ceremony


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