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Ep. 1 Choosing Your Lane

Season 1, Ep. 1

In association with Bathroom Brands Group, and to kickstart our DESIGN POD journey, editor Hamish Kilburn and co-host Harriet Forde explore the topic of ‘choosing your lane’ in architecture and design. Whether you are working for a brand, independently or are about to embark in a new journey, choosing your lane – your style, if you like – is an integral and pivotal moment of any design/architecture process. In order put some personality into this topic, Kilburn interviews special guest interior designer Constanina Tsoutsikou, the former Creative Director of HBA London, to understand the process and challenges that came with launching her new design studio, Studio LOST.

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  • 8. Ep. 34. Unconventional narratives in design

    Meet John Williams, an interior designer based in Manchester who is the Founding Director of SpaceInvader Design, a studio with a single-minded purpose: to transform the way organisations use space and motivate people through their environment.With this approach, John and his team have created some impressive – and unconventional – design narratives, which Editor Hamish Kilburn explores on this episode of DESIGN POD.As well as taking a look at the people and projects that have helped to define SpaceInvader Design as a leading interior design studio, including WILDES Chester, Tribe Hotel Malta and Oddfellows on the Park Cheadle in Manchester and Stock Exchange Hotel Manchester, the episode also throws it back to Williams’ somewhat unorthodox launch into the industry as a studio owner.DESIGN POD is brought to you by Hotel Designs. This series is sponsored by Geberit, produced by Mel Yates and hosted by Hamish Kilburn.
  • 7. Ep. 33. The future of net-zero in design

    Meet Neil Andrew, an interior designer based in London. As well as being a skilled craftsman in his trade, – and with the aim to deepen design's meaning in hospitality – Andrew and his team at Perkins&Will are on an honest and, at times, unapologetic mission to operate in a net-zero landscape. In 2022, the studio announced that it will be net-zero embodied carbon) in all its projects by 2030. Cutting through the noise somewhat, the studio launched its Net-Zero Now: Hospitality report. In it, the studio sets out a series of targets to achieve its deadline and goal. Aside from a headline-grabbing initiative, which led to the studio winning The Eco Award at The Brit List Awards 2022, Host Hamish Kilburn invited Neil onto the design podcast to explore how this social and environmental mindset is opening doors to wider opportunities.DESIGN POD is brought to you by Hotel Designs. This series is sponsored by Geberit, produced by Mel Yates and hosted by Hamish Kilburn.
  • 6. Ep. 32. Transforming spaces

    Meet Alessandro Munge, the Founder of Studio Munge; a visionary, interior designer and magician when it comes to transforming spaces. The design from Toronto joins as Editor and host Hamish Kilburn’s special guest for episode 32 of DESIGN POD, sponsored by Geberit.Munge, who has helped to redefine spaces around the world, using a human-centric approach to design, first met Kilburn when he was a guest on the Travel By Design podcast, by Marriott, where the two explored the fabrics and design story inside Muir Halifax, Autograph Collection.On this episode, Kilburn's aim was to start where they left off from that meaningful episode to understand more about Munge’s approach to projects and how he has helped brands, through clever and social design, to amplify perhaps a different side of their personality. In addition to understand the architecture and design narrative of Muir, Kilburn speaks to Munge about sensitively designing EDITION’s first residences in Miami, how to effortlessly amplify a brand’s language through design and the challenges involved in designing Shangri-La’s tallest hotel within its portfolio, which will open soon in Nanning, China.DESIGN POD is brought to you by Hotel Designs. This series is sponsored by Geberit, produced by Mel Yates and hosted by Hamish Kilburn.
  • 5. Ep. 31. Design through a filmmaker's lens

    Welcome to Africa, where nature unapologetically rules! In episode 31 of DESIGN POD, Editor Hamish Kilburn meets Dereck Joubert, a wildlife photographer and filmmaker who for his whole life, while working with the likes of National Geographic, has campaigned to protect wildlife conservation in Africa.To part-fund his and his wife Beverly's selfless journey, they created Great Plains, a cluster of luxury safari camps dotted across the continent. But these aren't just any camps. Each one tells a different story through design and has its own raw personality. The considered approach at the start of each development always starts the same; with Dereck and Beverly camping out under the stars, exposed to the elements, in order to take conscious steps to ensure that each property, deliberately designed to feel 'semi-permanent' – works with and not just in nature's spectacular setting.Redefining luxury through the filmmaker's lens, Dereck and Beverly's social approach to luxury travel has resulted in Great Plains African safari experiences in Botswana, Kenya and now Zimbabwe. And it doesn't stop there. The husband-and-wife team are committed not only to wildlife conservation in Africa, but, through many charities and initiatives launched and nurtured by Dereck and Beverly themselves, they also work tirelessly to offer and promote equal opportunities for those living and working in and around their camps. This took on a whole new meaning after one incident, sensitively explored on the podcast episode, that Beverly fighting for her life in hospital.DESIGN POD is brought to you by Hotel Designs. This series is sponsored by Geberit, produced by Mel Yates and hosted by Hamish Kilburn.
  • 4. Ep. 30. Design in the metaverse

    Meet Pallavi Dean. She is an interior designer and architect based in Dubai. Since setting up her own studio, Roar, in 2013, Pallavi and her team have completed more than 80 projects. But here's the thing that sets Pallavi aside from other designers. She is not just designing high-end residential and commercial projects. She is also 'making it roar' in the metaverse. In this episode of DESIGN POD, the design podcast for all design and architecture enthusiasts, Pallavi joins Editor Hamish Kilburn to challenge some of the preconceptions of interior design, architecture and hospitality in the metaverse. DESIGN POD is brought to you by Hotel Designs. This series is sponsored by Geberit, produced by Mel Yates and hosted by Hamish Kilburn.
  • 3. Ep. 29. Stimulating wellness

    Meet Wren Loucks, a designer who 'creates spaces that stimulate wellbeing and purpose'. The interior designer, who is the CEO and Creative Director of Be-Kin, works both physically and spiritually. She joined Editor Hamish Kilburn on DESIGN POD, the design and architecture podcast, to discuss how sensory design became her narrative, and how holistic thinking in design can unlock new opportunities.Loucks joins the podcast following her involvement in Geberit's Hotel Guest Experience Report, in which Loucks examines ritual, sensory-rich experiences and social sustainability in hotel design. The award-winning designer looks at how the differences in sensorial, cognitive, and physical abilities can be catered to by designing facilities to suit a range of needs, such as wheelchair accessibility, neurodiversity and an ageing population.This episode of DESIGN POD, brought to you by Hotel Designs, is sponsored by Geberit, produced by Mel Yates and hosted by Hamish Kilburn.
  • 2. Ep. 28. Circadian lighting design

    Meet Mark Tweedale and Michael Curry, both lighting designers from DPA Lighting, who are bringing interiors to life through innovative lighting solutions. In this episode, Hamish Kilburn, Editor of Hotel Designs and host of DESIGN POD, meets the duo to discuss circadian lighting – lighting systems designed around the proven cycles our bodies’ follow each day, based on the position, the angle, and the colour of natural sunlight at any given time. So, will circadian lighting in design change the game in wellness and hospitality, or will it break the bank and become another gimmick that will continue to be stripped out at value engineering stages of projects? Listen to explore lighting's role in design, architecture and wellness.This episode of DESIGN POD, brought to you by Hotel Designs, is sponsored by Geberit, produced by Mel Yates and hosted by Hamish Kilburn.
  • 1. Ep. 27. Sustainability in materials

    Meet Richard Holland, Co-Founder and Director of Holland Harvey Architects, who is pioneering a new era in socially and environmentally designed buildings. Some of the studio's recent projects, explored in this episode of DESIGN POD, are, put simply, changing the game in this new era of meaningful hospitality, design and architecture.The episode, hosted by Hamish Kilburn, sponsored by Geberit and produced by Mel Yates, explores the significance of working with hospitality brands that truly understand the value in developing around communities and being environmentally aware throughout – not just using sustainability as a veneer. Richard's approach is to 'elevate the everyday', pursuing quality and authenticity and designing with narrative - and around people - to ensure design tells a meaningful story. The studio's clients, ranging from hotel brands such as Inhabit Hotels and charities like Shelter From The Storm, believe in design to strengthen their brand and achieve their goals. DESIGN POD, which drops new episodes every two weeks, is a podcast brought to you by Hotel Designs.
  • 8. Ep. 26. Formula 1 design in Silverstone

    Our engines are still warm for the final episode of series 3 of DESIGN POD, where we meet Lorraine Stoutt Griffith, Director at Twelve Architects, who is responsible for bringing to life a new contemporary hospitality development at Silverstone, the home of the UK Grand Prix. Editor Hamish Kilburn, host of DESIGN POD, speaks to Griffith about how the development will position Silverstone as a luxury destination, beyond motor racing, while also discussing how the design nods to the location's celebrated and prestigious history as the home to British motor racing.This episode was sponsored by Minotti London, and powered by Hotel Designs.Stay tuned as series 4 of DESIGN POD, the podcast for all design and architecture enthusiasts will drop shortly.