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Ep20 - Being a DM and what the hell is even that?

Season 1, Ep. 20

In this episode, you'll learn about my life as a DM, as many people ask what I do & do you know what? I don't always know how to answer. Having recently spoken at Keele University about practical things to thing about around Agile, & realising how much Agile is at the heart of everything I do, I wanted to talk about it here. Get involved, @dm_daily on Twitter or visit

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  • 42. Agile 101

    In this short 30 minute episode I'll explain what Agile is. No question, no messing, in a way your mum would understand. Off the back of talking to folk who still ask 'so what is Agile then' & listening to many people get it wrong, here's my authoritative explanation on what Agile is.Think I'm wrong? Let me know via X @mariodc, dont forget to subscribe, subscribe to my new Agile newsletter, and I'll talk to you very soon.
  • 41. Using Ai as a Delivery Manager

    In this episode I crack the nut open on using Ai as a Delivery Manager. Whether its for help with creating slide decks, writing Epics & User Stories or more complex stuff like Monte Carlo simulations. I've observed Ai being used more & more by engineers, and now I'm starting to see it with us DM's too! Good idea? Bad idea? Let's find out. Follow me on Twitter/X @mariodc for more AND PLEASE SUBSCRIBE to my newsletter where I offer lots of DM resources
  • 40. Ep 40 - T shaped & Fungible - the skills you should 'bolt on' as a DM in 2023

    in this post I wanted to talk about some of the broader technical capability & understanding & concepts Delivery Managers in 2023 will need to consider, when they take on their respective projects. From cloud management & orchestration to sustainability, the days of pushing a Gantt chart around have gone. Read below my thoughts on what DM’s need to know about in 2023.
  • 39. Why backlogs suck

    An often-mystical beast of never-ending unorganised work that never shrinks. Everything in Agile is driven by a backlog of some description. We talk about ensuring PBIs are INVESTable, and DEEP, but I find myself in projects these days where the backlog is just a noose around the teams neck. Teams shy away from it. Its acknowledged but never spoken of. It’s used as an excuse – you know the one. It never shrinks, it’s never updated, and as time goes on its value decreases.Spicy huh! Agile delivery guy critizing the backlog!In this episode learn about my thoughts around building a half decent backlog & the things not to do. As always thanks for listening & get in touch via Twitter @mariodc for more
  • Carbon Agile ADVERT

    An ad to my new short run series & blog special on Carbon sustainability in relation to project management - COMING SOON.
  • 37. Building dependency maps & understanding how to cope with complex dependencies

    In this episode I wanted to talk about how to manage dependencies, whether you should manage dependencies or should you break them, & also some the practical things I do. Visit for more.
  • 37. Lean thinking in an Agile world

    In this episode I talk about LEAN thinking in relation to Agile delivery. If you're a DM, working in a LEAN way, a true LEAN way can be problematic for teams as they get their heads around the focus on not gold-plating a solution. From back when the term was coined by John Krafcik to Toyota levering Just in Time manufacturing principles to increase efficiency on the factory floor, LEAN is a properley viable way to take Agile, put it on steroids & actually get your projects under budget & on time. I did it, so can you - listen to my experience on the podcast & dont get to Tweet me @mariodc if you like what you hear.
  • 35. Being emotionally resilient - what I do

    In this episode I wanted to talk about the things I do to galvanise myself & be emotionally resilient. There's too much pressure on employers I think to meet the need of every single worker & that brings issues. Instead, individuals should take full accountability for their own happiness? What do you think? It's part of being a good consultant right? I've talked before about being mindful of the shadows you cast & this is what I'm currently doing to stay resilient in my professional life. Don't forget to subscribe please & get in touch via @dm_daily or @mariodc on Twitter to join in the conversation.
  • 34. Ep 34 - ChatGPT - The future of AI

    Although I've given up on keeping count of episodes, this one's a good one. I talk about ChatGPT, I think its amazing but has ramifications for ongoing commoditization of software engineering in particular. We were worried robots & AI would take over manual labour jobs first, but it's looking like it's coming for knowledge workers. Are we just on another AI hype-cycle? Are you a graduate software engineer using ChatGPT to write your code? Are you running a side-hustle using Chat GPT? Follow me @dm_dailiy or @mariodc to join the conversation, go to the blog & watch the YouTube channel also.