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Ep 40 - T shaped & Fungible - the skills you should 'bolt on' as a DM in 2023

Season 2, Ep. 40

in this post I wanted to talk about some of the broader technical capability & understanding & concepts Delivery Managers in 2023 will need to consider, when they take on their respective projects. From cloud management & orchestration to sustainability, the days of pushing a Gantt chart around have gone. Read below my thoughts on what DM’s need to know about in 2023.

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  • 57. What's in your Delivery Toolbox?

    After a recent experience of watching a team member create their own documents from scratch, it reminded me why I have a toolbox stuffed with useful project delivery templates, guides & assets that I can deploy time & time again. It helps me with managing my time & with the time I have, I can be super productive. What do you have in your toolbox? Do you even have one, or maybe you've never thought about it. Well, more rambling from me in Episode 57 of the Delivery Manager Daily. Dont forget to ** please subscribe & share** as I unapologetically remind you about in the episode, but also visit the podcast & subscribe to my newsletter to get monthly tidbits of what is hopeful useful content. As always, thanks for listening Mx
  • 56. EP 56 - When your project has fallen apart

    In this podcast I talk about what responsibilities Delivery Managers often have, (or should have) in complex projects which go awry. Maybe you've been parachuted into a project that's a disaster & have been asked to help fix it, maybe your a management consultant that's been tasked as an independent advisor to help re-align a project. I talk about some of the strategies & practical things *I do* to help fix bad projects. Some resources I mention are linked to below including;Retrospectin' the RetrospectiveLet's get ready to ScrumbleDont forget to subscribe to the Delivery Manager daily newsletter (here) & follow me on X (here) for the latest news. Thanks for listening.
  • 55. S4 Episode 55 Make the world better, not faster.

    ** Welcome to Season 4**To celebrate getting to 55 episodes & a fourth season I sit down with Paul Bratcher. Paul runs an Ai company called unfold Ai & brings with him 30+ years experience. A former boss, mentor & friend we talk about how folk can get started with Ai from using tools such as Leonardo, Claude, Midjourney, ChatGPT to using Ai to solve the simple things first rather than trying to change the world through innovation. Get to know Paul better by going to his newsletter, here with over 35 issues of Ai goodness & enjoy the podcast.Thanks for listening to the Delivery Manager Daily podcast, check out the website (here) but also get involved in the conversation by following me on X, & subscribe to my very own newsletter here.Thanks for listening.
  • 55. Have you subscribed to the Delivery Manager Daily podcast newsletter?

    A quick one this, just wanted to talk about my new Newsletter thats jam packed with Agile resources to help delivery managers which I'd really like you to subscribe to. Please visit here to subscribe. Also a quick aside, I'm doing the Y3P in August, Id be grateful if you can donate here
  • 53. How you do anything is how you do EVERYTHING

    In this episode I reflect on how tech workers behave (or should IMO) from interview & applications to their first 1st day, 1st week & 1st month on the job. Not everyone has to be locked in like David Clarke but at least think about the effort you put into things & putting your best foot forward. Bit of a ranty one. Strap in. LETS GO PEOPLE. :)

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  • 51. Ep 51 - Not a Jira Simp!

    In this episode I reflect on rolling out Jira recently, what went well, not so well & what you can do if you're responsible for rolling out tooling in your organisation. In this episode I refer to a number of references, including the awesome & delicious the history of Lean & Agile, Please listen, enjoy & share.
  • 50. Episode 50 - Top 4 tips to bring your Scrum team together

    IN THIS EPISODE I talk about the top 4 things I do & recommend you consider when starting with a new Scrum team. How do you bring folk together? How do you get them to perform? What about legacy politics & ghosts of the past, how can you smash through those & deliver value & solid outcomes for both the team & the client? Well, take a listen & visit the blog for more
  • 50. Scrummery in Software Engineering

    In this episode I talk about being a software engineer wanting to do Scrum. After a recent talk at Keele University I fielded questions about how a software engineer could cross-over into Scrum territory. Well give this a listen, read the blog & enjoy!