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Ai bots for code, & how do I become a DM?

Season 3, Ep. 43

In this episode I talk about two things.

a) How to become a DM - in 2023 you need a special set of skills to be a good DM. Someone recently asked me how they should get into the industry & I'd write a podcast about it. I talked about it more in this post here

b) Using Code Gen tools in your engineering teams. Something I see more & more in 23 is needing to wrangle engineering projects where the solution has often been written in part by Ai. What tools are out there, what problems will you face, & what will you need to do as a hands on Scrum Master.

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  • 50. Scrummery in Software Engineering

    In this episode I talk about being a software engineer wanting to do Scrum. After a recent talk at Keele University I fielded questions about how a software engineer could cross-over into Scrum territory. Well give this a listen, read the blog & enjoy!
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    In this episode I wanted to quickly tackle how to answer some of the common interview questions I ask, get asked & hear people answer in my opinion incorrectly. Let me know what you think on X (@mariodc) & as always, thanks for listening.
  • 46. What is a DM. AGAIN!

    In this episode I sit by the virtual fire & chit chat with Matthias, a certified Scrum professional & aspiring Delivery Manager working in the tech healthcare startup scene in London. He talks to me about what he believes a DM should do, who they are & we cover some of the responsibilities a DM may have. In the podcast, I refer to a UK GOV resource which you can find here & talk about why I think its one of the best resources when it comes to describing what a Delivery Manager does. As always follow me on X (@mariodc) & get involved in the conversation. Thanks for listening.
  • 45. Episode 45 - IT Strategies

    In this episode I talk about a recent real world client scenario - the things I think about when implementing an IT strategy. Thinking carefully about this is really important & hopefully there's something of use in here for you. As always thanks for listening, don't get to reach out to me on X (Mariodc) & search for the deliverymanagerdaily for more.
  • 44. Timezones & Treasure

    in this episode, I wanted to be practical & continue the two-topics-per-podcast thing, so I talk about how as a DM the things I do to manage teams across MANY time zones, & then in the second part, some fantastic Agile resources just for you. Read the blog post Thank you so much for listening. Follow me on Twitter/X @mariodc
  • 42. Agile 101

    In this short 30 minute episode I'll explain what Agile is. No question, no messing, in a way your mum would understand. Off the back of talking to folk who still ask 'so what is Agile then' & listening to many people get it wrong, here's my authoritative explanation on what Agile is.Think I'm wrong? Let me know via X @mariodc, dont forget to subscribe, subscribe to my new Agile newsletter, and I'll talk to you very soon.
  • 41. Using Ai as a Delivery Manager

    In this episode I crack the nut open on using Ai as a Delivery Manager. Whether its for help with creating slide decks, writing Epics & User Stories or more complex stuff like Monte Carlo simulations. I've observed Ai being used more & more by engineers, and now I'm starting to see it with us DM's too! Good idea? Bad idea? Let's find out. Follow me on Twitter/X @mariodc for more AND PLEASE SUBSCRIBE to my newsletter where I offer lots of DM resources