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  • Minisode 15. Season's Greetings with Andreina Cordani

    Cynthia and Georgia chat to Andreina Cordani about her new book, The Twelve Days of Murder.You can order it here: us on socials at @deletemypodcast, @cynthiamurphyya and @georgiabowersya

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  • Episode 24: Self-Surgery & Attic 'Treasure'

    The one where Georgia discusses terrible coffee ideas & Cynthia reimagines carpooling.Follow us everywhere @deletemypodcast, @cynthiamurphyya & @georgiabowersya.(A very delayed episode! Recorded 26th June 2023.)
  • Episode 23: Haunted Paintings & Doppelgängers

    The one where Cynthia mentions crash test dummies & Georgia remembers handsome waiters.Follow us everywhere @deletemypodcast, @cynthiamurphyya & @georgiabowersyaFurther reading links:HP
  • Minisode 14: Taxidermy with Lucy Hope

    Cynthia & Georgia chat with Lucy Hope, author of Fedgling and Wren.Order Lucy's books here:
  • Episode 22: Euphemisms & The Hands Resist Him

    The one where Georgia goes downtown & Cynthia talks tiny demon hands.Follow us everywhere @deletemypodcast, @cynthiamurphyya & @georgiabowersyaFurther reading links:EYou don't want Georgia's links for this one. Trust me.THRH
  • Minisode 13: Chernobyl with Melissa Welliver

    Cynthia & Georgia chat with Melissa Welliver, author of My Love Life and the Apocalypse.Order Melliver's book here:
  • Episode 21: Western Wedding Traditions & Weird Places to Get Stuck

    The one where Cynthia can't do maths & Georgia gets really weird.Follow us everywhere @deletemypodcast, @cynthiamurphyya & @georgiabowersyaFurther reading links:WT