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Where Do We Go From Here?: Part II, Let's Keep Fighting Edition

With each day since Trump's sham acquittal ceremony, it has become clear that the president sees the outcome that was served up on a silver platter by the servile Senate GOP (with one exception) as the license to behave badly. Trump never disappoints those who expect the worst from him. We discuss where this leaves us with three of the great voices of the resistance--Sarah Kendzior and Andrea Chalupa of "Gaslit Nation" and AG from "Mueller She Wrote." They are, as you'd expect, great...and then we all announce the exciting launch of a major Washington event bringing together many of the very best podcasts for a kind DC PodCon. We call it Washington Today Forum but you can call it WTF for short. It will take place on May 21st at the Warner Theater in Washington, DC. Go to for more details and to reserve your tickets. You won't want to miss this.

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