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Under Cover of Covid: While One Crisis Commands Our Attention Others are Brewing

COVID has taken such a ghastly human and economic toll that people can speak of or think of little else. That's dangerous. Because opportunists and worse are seeking to take advantage of the fog of this moment to advance dangerous or unsavory agendas. From China moving against democracy in Hong Kong to Russia upping the ante in Libya, from Netanyahu planning illegal annexations of Palestinian territory to the US pulling out of important international treaties, serious risks are rising. Further Trump himself might use the crisis as an excuse to reschedule or suspend elections in the U.S. Far-fetched? We shouldn't count on it. Rosa Brooks of Georgetown Law, Ed Luce of the Financial Times, David Sanger of the New York Times and Joe Cirincione of the Ploughshares Fund join for this unsettling episode. Don't miss it.

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