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The Fog of Pandemic: If the Virus Doesn't Get You, the Misinformation, Inequality or Lessons Unlearned Will

The only thing you know about the ghastly numbers the grow larger every day on your computer or television screen is that they are wrong. They hugely understate the number of victims of the current pandemic and because we are testing a fraction of a fraction of what we should be, we can't tell how far off we are...or what the real nature of the disease is. The Administration is lying and suppressing data. And the potential for a horrific second wave later in the year is growing. We discuss how we get to the truth and the nature of the real risk we face with Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut, Pulitzer Prize-winner Laurie Garrett and Ryan Goodman, co-editor of "Just Security" and Professor of Law at NYU Law School. It is essential listening. Don't miss it.

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