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National Psychosis or Constitutional Rot, the Question Remains: Is there a Cure?

The disinformation war of the President, AG Barr and their associates is unlike any we have ever seen in US history...and this is a country that knows a thing or two about bullshit. But not only is the Team Trump effort more sweeping, but thanks to Barr, the administration is now trying to translate their alternative reality into an institutional outcome, blunting the efforts of the Congress to do oversight by simply arguing that they don't have authority or what they seek is irrelevant or that they are investigating the wrong crimes. It has stifled investigation for half a year and looks like it may largely negate Democratic efforts altogether. To figure out what the remedy might be, we have to understand the underlying issues and that's what we discuss with guests Greg Sargent of the Washington Post and Ryan Goodman of Just Security and NYU Law School. It's a powerful, thought-provoking and disturbing discussion. Don't miss it.

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