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Is There a Future for the Democratic Party?

With Republicans variously arguing that vaccines make people magnetic and that the Forest Service should be able to reroute the Moon's orbit, you'd think the party would be headed for a bad end. Add in the corruption and the traitors and the insurrections and it is baffling there still is a GOP. Yet, that said, many observers are predicting the GOP will win the House and Senate in next year's midterm elections. If that happens, you can expect columns the morning after asking whether the party that stood up for truth and the rule of law has a future. We discuss this and what the Dems should do about it with James Hohmann of the Washington Post, Dr, Kavita Patel of the Brookings Institution and the Obama White House and Ryan Goodman of NYU Law School and "Just Security." Don't miss this. Although you may want an adult beverage at hand while you listen. 

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