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9/11 Sixteen Years Later: Would Bin Laden View Trump as a Sign of His Mission's Success

Donald and Melania Trump presided over 9/11 remembrance ceremonies on Monday for the first time as president. Trump seemed awkward and his language was stilted. He does not do compassion well. But Trump is not so far removed from 9/11 as you might think--despite his failure to donate from his charities to its victims or his need to resort to lies to pretend he was close to those victims. No, he and his supporters who promote intolerance toward Muslims are producing precisely the outcome that Bin Laden sought and the fear that helps fuel their anger was exactly what Bin Laden was seeking to generate. On this episode of Deep State. Radio, join Rosa Brooks of Georgetown, Kori Schake of Stanford, Ed Luce of the Financial Times and host David Rothkopf of Union County, New Jersey, in a discussion of how we got where we are, how this resonates with tribalism worldwide, how we can fix it and why Rosa has such a sunny disposition.

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