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The Art of Undoing America's Deals

In a recent interview with Forbes, President Trump said he didn't feel any obligation to honor deals struck by representatives of the United States during past administrations. His track record shows this is one area in which he is not just talk. He withdrew from TPP and the Paris Accords, is renegotiating NAFTA and may blow it up, has speculated at pulling out of a trade deal with South Korea and is going to decertify Iran despite the fact that there are no grounds for it in the nuclear deal with that country, a move that not only. will jeopardize that deal but other negotiations worldwide. What're the consequences of a world that no longer can take the most important player in the international system at its word? Our panel including Kori Schake of Stanford, David Sanger of the New York Times, Ed Luce of the Financial Times and host David Rothkopf of the Washington Post discuss. Join us.

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