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Trump Will Probably Not Defect to North Korea on His Asia Trip!

President Trump embarks on a 12 day, five nation trip to Asia at a moment he has never been weaker...and when the stakes are very high. With a perilous situation in North Korea, simmering trade disputes and a newly ascendant and assertive China, the agenda will be full. But will Trump have the ability to act? Will he even be inclined to hold press conferences or will he fear all public questions will circle back to his problems back home? Will the Chinese take advantage of his weak position? Will the Russians? How tempted will he be to stay away? How will his exhaustion and discomfort at long trips away from his bed play into his tendency for out of control responses? Our regulars Rosa Brooks, Kori Schake and David Sanger offer the answer Deep State Radio nerds (and everyone else) needs.

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